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Feb 05th
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View from Central Park

‘The knife is our choice!’

Last week I concluded my column by weakly writing “Maybe.” I wanted to believe that maybe there was still hope for a positive new year; that maybe the savage surge in terrorism on the streets of Israel that was so devastatingly painful would also be devastatingly brief.


I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Maybe, I thought to myself. Maybe.

Unfortunately, the tension and barbaric attacks on innocent civilians has proven my hopes to be nothing more than fantasy.

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View from Central Park

Water. Fire. Blood.

When the holiday came to a close on Tuesday, I was scared to turn on the news. Throughout this holiday it seemed like things were spiraling out of control with difficult news from Israel. It hasn’t been the easiest start to a new year. In fact, as the saying in Hebrew goes, with one murder reported after another, the land of Israel seemed to have become drenched in a “ma’agal damim,” a circle of bloodshed. It’s a curious phrase that, of all times, jumped out at me now. Ma’agal. Cir...
View From Denver

The real hate crimes

IF A white man hates a black man and murders him, it’s a classic hate crime. But how often does it happen? Even once is too often, but the ADL study of anti-Semitism worldwide shows that most anti-Semitism is in Arab countries. There, it is deemed perfectly acceptable — even idealistic — to hate Israeli Jews. The most recent cases are in Palestinian areas. A week ago Thursday, for example, a Jewish man and woman were murdered as their four children watched. It was a classic hate crime...
View from Central Park

Closer attention

It is always nice to try to catch a glimpse of Sukkot in Israel. Be it a YouTube recording of the fleeting, holy and stirring moments of Birkat Cohanim, the Priestly Benediction at the Wailing Wall, or a splice of a joyous Simchat Beit Hashoeva melody bursting forth, there’s nothing quite like celebrating the High Holidays in Israel, especially Jerusalem. This year was no different. The long distance inspiration, although not the same as experiencing it live, was there to nurture that yearnin...

Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 October 2015 11:25 )

View From Denver

A new billionaire on the block

THERE’S A new billionaire on the block. Actually, it’s . . . me. After a lifetime of failing at every imaginable investment, I finally hit upon an idea that worked. Worked. As in, big time. As in, classical you can’t lose. You know those ads on the radio that say you will never lose a penny of your principal regardless of whether the market goes up or down — and you don’t call. Of course you don’t call. You know it’s a fake....
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