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Apr 17th
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View from Central Park

Women and tefilin

“SAID Rabbi Chananel in the name of Rav, ‘the titura (bridge) of the tefilin (phylacteries) is halachah le-Moshe mi-Sinai’ [oral tradition going back to divine revelation to Moses at Mt. Sinai].

“Said Abbaye, ‘the ma’avarta (passage or channel) of the tefilin is halachah le-Moshe mi-Sinai.’

“And Abbaye said, ‘the shin (letter) of the tefilin is halachah le-Moshe mi-Sinai.’

“It was taught, square tefilin are halachah le-Moshe mi-Sinai.’

“Said Rabbi Yitzchak, black straps are halachah le-Moshe mi-Sinai.’”

View From Denver

Does the Bible believe in slavery?

Does the Bible believe in slavery?DOES the Hebrew Bible — the Torah — believe in slavery? The answer seems straightforward. This week’s Torah portion opens (Exodus 21:2-6): “If you buy a Jewish eved [the Hebrew may be translated slave, servant, or bondsman], he shall work for six years and in the seventh he shall go free, for no charge. If he shall arrive by himself [unmarried], he shall leave by himself; if he is the husband of a woman, his wife shall leave with him. If his master will give him a woman and she bears h...
View from Central Park

Because who is perfect?

A STUMPED arm. And leg.Three toes. A malformed spine. These are  some of the visuals in a profoundly moving video that came across my desk. “Because Who is Perfect? Get Closer” was produced by Pro Infirmis, a Swiss advocacy group for the disabled. There is something so human and raw about it. The goal was to create a window display for Zurich’s high-end exclusive shopping Bahnhofstrasse — a display of disabled mannequins, cloaked in high fashion, supplanting the usual, unattainable,...

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Conservative Lens

Immorality of leaving Iraq

On every level and from every perspective — from pure national interest to the purely moral — the decision by the Obama administration and the Democratic Party to withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan is indefensible. Let’s look at Iraq. Here is how the front-page article in the Jan. 12 edition of USA Today began: “When the last US combat troops departed Iraq in December 2011, they left behind a defeated al-Qaida and an Iraq where traditional rivals Sunni and Shiite Musli...

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Liberal Lens

Reefer sanity takes hold in Colorado

Seven years before legal marijuana went on sale this month in my home state of Colorado, the drug warriors in President George W. Bush’s administration released an advertisement that is now worth revisiting. “I smoked weed and nobody died,” intoned the teenage narrator. “I didn’t get into a car accident. I didn’t O.D. on heroin the next day. Nothing happened.” The television spot from the White House drug czar was intended to discourage marijuana use by depicting it as boring. B...

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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Missouri mayor endorses suspected Kansas killer’s views

Cnaan Liphshiz The new mayor of the Missouri hometown of Frazier Glenn Miller said he agreed with some of the views of the suspected killer of three people at Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City, Kan. ... [Link]

Israeli-Arab journalist arrested for visiting Lebanon

Cnaan Liphshiz Israel arrested an Israeli-Arab journalist and political activist on suspicion that he met foreign agents after entering Lebanon illegally. ... [Link]

Scientists: Romanian troops behind 1941 massacre of Jews

Cnaan Liphshiz Forensic scientists from Bucharest concluded that 36 bodies found at a mass grave near Iasi belonged to Jews who were murdered by Romanian troops. ... [Link]

Sister of Toulouse killer held for questioning

Cnaan Liphshiz A French court extended the remand of Souad Merah, the sister of the Islamist who killed four Jews in Toulouse. ... [Link]

Arab rioting shuts down Temple Mount to Jews, tourists

Cnaan Liphshiz Israeli police closed the Temple Mount to Jews and tourists following rioting by Arabs. ... [Link]

Chilean Jews mobilize to help earthquake, fire victims

Cnaan Liphshiz The Jewish community of Chile is sending truckloads of supplies to victims of fires raging in the central port city of Valparaiso. ... [Link]

London Jews slam opening of store with neo-Nazis’ favored clothing

Cnaan Liphshiz The sale of clothes in a heavily Jewish neighborhood of London that are popular with neo-Nazis has spurred protests from a British watchdog on anti-Semitism. ... [Link]

Palestinian rioters attack IDF outpost in Hebron

Marcy Oster Dozens of Palestinians attacked an Israel Defense Forces outpost in Hebron. ... [Link]

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