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Sep 02nd
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Why Pamela Geller is hated

Pamela Geller — the woman whose group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, organized the Muhammad cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas — may be the most hated person in America right now. She is certainly the left’s chief villain. And, sad to say, though few conservatives hate her, more than a few have condemned her.

The question is why?

Here are three reasons.

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As we celebrate Shavuot and receiving the Torah, it’s worth remembering that it almost didn’t transpire. In tractate Shabbat 88b, many of the famous narratives surrounding the giving of the Torah are found. One of them recounts that when Moses went up on high to receive the Torah, he encountered opposition. From whom? From none other than the angels. These celestial creatures felt that it was below the dignity of the Torah for mere human flesh and blood to receive the treasured Torah that h...
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Red lights and safety . . . really?

Governor John Hickenlooper all but says that he will veto two bills passed in the state legislature banning or potentially limiting the use of automatic traffic cameras. Speeding is unsafe, the governor says. Studies show that speed is implicated in a high percentage of accidents, he notes.“If you don’t want a speeding ticket, don’t speed!” the governor says. It sounds like an unassailable argument. It isn’t. And not just because it takes the traffic regulations out of the hands of ...

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Exile — with a caveat

It’s interesting to study the haftorahs, the Prophetic scriptures added to weekly Torah reading. If you first scan the portion of the week and then read the haftorah, inevitably there is a common motif or connection. Sometimes it is more obvious than at other times. But it is always there. The rabbis designed it this way. And it’s a good way to see the Torah in its organic flow. I’d like to share a small aspect of this symbiotic relationship between Torah and Prophets via one idea from th...
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No, the death of a million people is not a statistic

I AM reading a news story about women captured by, then freed from, Boko Haram. The women tell their stories. The dissonance between the report and the reality screams. One woman: I survived, but my child was lost. Then, the story moves on to the next paragraph. Wait a minute! How can we simply move on to the next paragraph after this statement, my child was lost? How much agony is contained in that statement? Is it to be glossed over — then, the next paragraph — just because hundreds of ...

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Should the US support the nuclear deal negotiated between the P5+1 and Iran?

Shabbat Times

JTA News

Kerry: U.S. will use ‘all tools’ to confront Iranian destabilization

Ron Kampeas Kerry says he outlined security plans for the region in letter to Congress. ... [Link]

It’s Jew vs. Jew (and rabbi vs. rabbi) in fight over Lithuanian site

Cnaan Liphshiz Lithuania’s chief rabbi has been fired, a British rabbinic group is being accused of corruption and a $25 million renovation plan is at stake in a dispute over the Jewish cemetery where the Viln... [Link]

Netanyahu orders reexamination of IDF open-fire orders on rock throwers

Marcy Oster The order came during a discussion in the Prime Minister’s Office of the security situation in Jerusalem and along the main highway into the city, as well as the West Bank. ... [Link]

Israel’s real-life national cop drama, explained

Andrew Tobin 40 percent of the Israel police’s top brass have been forced out in recent years over corruption or sexual harassment scandals. Now, there may be a new sheriff in town, but he has a history of h... [Link]

Who’s behind Broadway’s hip-hop hit ‘Hamilton’? Jewish biographer Ron Chernow

Lisa Keys ‘The last thing I would have expected,’ admits the award-winning Jewish biographer, who served as a historical consultant for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s unprecedented smash. ... [Link]

Looking back at 5775

Uriel Heilman From the highest highs to the lowest lows, a month-by-month look at last year. ... [Link]

Sources close to Netanyahu indicate he’ll keep fighting Iran nuclear deal

Julie Wiener Netanyahu won’t quit the Iran deal fight even with Obama having the votes he needs to assure Congress can’t stop it. ... [Link]

‘Jewish Schindler,’ amid skepticism, insists his Yazidi rescue efforts are for real

Julie Wiener Is Steve Maman’s Yazidi rescue story for real? Skepticism is rising about the Montreal businessman’s efforts. ... [Link]

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