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Sep 03rd
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Racism without hate

WHAT RACE am I? You may not believe this, but my race is: I Prefer Not To Report.

I am an oddball. This is not your typical race.

I should know. I went to the doctor and was asked to fill out a medical history form. At the top of the questionnaire it asked for my race. These were the choices:

  • American Indian/Alaskan native
  • Asian
  • Black/African American
  • Hawaiian Native
  • Other Pacific Islander
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • not Hispanic/Latino
  • White
  • And, finally, I Prefer Not to Report.

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View from Central Park

Peace in our time

Last Tuesday, we woke up to a different world. We woke up to the moment when history will most likely point an accusing finger at this date, the moment that will be pinpointed as the dangerous shift in modern nuclear warfare. This deal with Iran? It’s a great deal . . . for Iran. Not for the rest of the world. Certainly not for Israel or Sunni Muslims in the Middle East.

If a tree falls in the forest...?

When I was a little girl, I used to take long walks with my dad in our neighborhood. Sometimes he would tie pieces of candy to the branches of trees before our walk. I would delight in finding them when he pointed to a bird or new buds on a branch. I believed in magic, I believed in the power of trees and I believed him when he told me the “GF” (Good Fairy) had left them for me. It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized that GF stood for Good Father. On one such walk Dad presented me with...

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View From Denver

Mad cyclists, apathetic police

HOW QUAINT. When I was a child, bicycles actually required their own license plates. They were little things, about two-and-a-half inches square. But they were real. They had their own license number and expiration date. One attached the plate right under the seat. All bicycles were pretty much the same back then, a lot less sophisticated than now, and bikes had this little area beneath the seat, perfectly convenient for a license plate. Four of the metal bars out of which the bike was made for...
View from Central Park

Even in concealment

AN ANGEL walked among us. Now he is no more. Malachi — My Angel — Rosenfeld, riding in a car with his buddies Monday night, on the way home from a basketball meet, was shot at by a Palestinian terrorist. All four guys were shot; one of the wounds, Malachi’s, was critical. “Matsav anush,” the news said. When you hear these words, you know it means the person is already oscillating between this world and the next. Malachi succumbed to his wounds, and an angel who walked amongst us was c...

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JTA News

Zero-tolerance policy on anti-Semitism, Belgian PM vows

Cnaan Liphshiz Security for Jews in Antwerp, where some 18,000 Jews live, was a prominent issue on the agenda during Prime Minister Charles Michel’s visit. ... [Link]

Norwegian politician compares smoking bans to Nazi persecution of Jews

Julie Wiener “This is legally enforced discrimination. Jews were also already being persecuted from 1933,” said Geir Finne, leader of Norway’s Coastal Party. ... [Link]

J Street U’s new Muslim president says she’s ‘culturally Jewish’

Andrew Tobin Amna Farooqi, a senior at the University of Maryland, is a critic of Benjamin Netanyahu, but reads David Ben-Gurion. ... [Link]

Kerry: U.S. will use ‘all tools’ to confront Iranian destabilization

Ron Kampeas Kerry says he outlined security plans for the region in letter to Congress. ... [Link]

It’s Jew vs. Jew (and rabbi vs. rabbi) in fight over Lithuanian site

Cnaan Liphshiz Lithuania’s chief rabbi has been fired, a British rabbinic group is being accused of corruption and a $25 million renovation plan is at stake in a dispute over the Jewish cemetery where the Viln... [Link]

Netanyahu orders reexamination of IDF open-fire orders on rock throwers

Marcy Oster The order came during a discussion in the Prime Minister’s Office of the security situation in Jerusalem and along the main highway into the city, as well as the West Bank. ... [Link]

Israel’s real-life national cop drama, explained

Andrew Tobin 40 percent of the Israel police’s top brass have been forced out in recent years over corruption or sexual harassment scandals. Now, there may be a new sheriff in town, but he has a history of h... [Link]

Who’s behind Broadway’s hip-hop hit ‘Hamilton’? Jewish biographer Ron Chernow

Lisa Keys ‘The last thing I would have expected,’ admits the award-winning Jewish biographer, who served as a historical consultant for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s unprecedented smash. ... [Link]

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