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Nov 24th
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View from Central Park

Stick to the real enemies

Let’s see. Who was the first leader who thought up the idea of genocide of the Jews? Was it Pharaoh in Egypt? Haman in Persia? The Arab leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem? Or was it Hitler?

I am thinking about this, amidst preposterous accusations regarding Netanyahu’s recent remarks that his opponents are now claiming label Netanyahu a “Holocaust denier.”

(Netanyahu was speaking to the 37th Zionist Congress, Oct. 20, in Jerusalem.)

View From Denver

From Hilltop to Hilltop

LET’S SEE. This makes sense. I’m going to live in Israel. Therefore, I will go to Rwanda. Israel has a lot of hills. Rwanda has a lot of hills. In fact, it’s called the “land of a thousand [green] hills.” Perfect preparation for Israel. Not only that. Rwandan villages need help with public health. If I can improve public health in a Rwandan village, I can make sure it happen in Israel, too.
Conservative Lens

The Democrats’ preoccupation with inequality

If you want to understand today’s Democratic party, a word search of the Democrats’ debate last week provides a pretty clear picture. Here is how many times key words were spoken: Wall Street: 23; Tax: 20; Inequality: 9; Wealthy: 7. Now, compare the number of times other national concerns were mentioned: ISIS: 4; Terror/ists/ism: 2; Defense: 2; Military (excluding Jim Webb): 1; Freedom: 1; Debt (national): 0; Liberty: 0; Strength: 0; Armed forces: 0; Islamist/Islamic: 0. The...

The Widows Club

WHEN MY beloved husband of 32 years died after battling cancer for three-and-a-half years, family and friends did their best to comfort me. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to realize that, with the exception of a first kiss, there may not be a more awkward social interaction than trying to comfort the bereaved. Everyone meant well as they searched to find the right words, posture, and tone of voice to help me through an impossible time. Caring advice, personal stories, grief books and ...

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View From Denver

Something from nothing

Talk about a book that I was skeptical of when I picked it up. Actually, I didn’t pick it up. It was sent to me by the author. I don’t know why. I never met him, and I am not an adherent of Satmar Judaism. The book is a memoir of the long-time English principal of the Jewish schools of Satmar. It provides biographical sketches of the founding Satmar Rebbe in America, the late Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the staunch anti-Zionist (1887-1979).
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Einstein once kept kosher, and 7 other Jewish facts for relativity’s 100th b-day

Gabe Friedman The famed physicist believed in Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s God and raised money for the Jewish state, despite reservations. ... [Link]

Nachum Segal promoting Jewish unity with Hanukkah show in Paris

Jas Chana The “JM in the AM” host will then emcee a musical performance titled “Let There Be Light: The Concert of Jewish Unity” at the Grand Synagogue of Paris. ... [Link]

For Jewish groups, Syrian refugees are a reminder — not a threat

Ron Kampeas American Jewish leaders can’t help but recall Jewish refugees in the 1930s when they consider Syrians seeking safe haven stateside. ... [Link]

JCC camp counselor accused of child porn released on bond

Julie Wiener Matthew Kuppe, 21, is not dangerous and deserves to be presumed innocent, a federal judge said. ... [Link]

N. Carolina Jewish day school threat prompts closing, FBI investigation

Julie Wiener B’nai Shalom Day School in Greensboro received a letter containing racial epithets and threats of violence. ... [Link]

Mass. state senators under fire for upcoming Israel trip

Marcy Oster A pro-Palestinian coalition says the 10-day trip organized by the Boston-area JCRC is a tacit endorsement of Israel’s settlement-building policies and human rights violations. ... [Link]

Amazon removing Nazi-symbol ads on NY subways for new TV show

Andrew Tobin New York’s mayor called the ads “irresponsible and offensive” and encouraged the company to remove them. ... [Link]

Israel’s Supreme Court upholds transgender activist’s cremation plan

Julie Wiener The court rejected an appeal filed by May Peleg’s haredi Orthodox family to stop the cremation stipulated in her will. ... [Link]

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