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Aug 30th
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From the fat to the fanatic

The world seems to run in extremes. On the one hand are those who never exercise. Doctor’s admonitions — and the examples of people who’ve thrown their health away — make no difference. But there is another extreme.

For some people, exercising a few times a week is not enough. Exercising every day is not enough. They must exercise twice a day. Otherwise, they’ll collapse, they say. Too much stress. In the gym before 6 a.m. — then again, on the elliptical, in the middle of the day.

On the one hand, $40.5 billion is a pretty good deal. That’s how much Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals paid for Allergan PLC. I can’t even conceive of $40.5 billion. It’s like a light year — an inconceivable distance, not to mention millions of light years. But there is another extreme.


Why the ‘streams’ are running dry

The other day I enjoyed a visit with Prof. Fred Greenspahn, who taught Jewish studies at DU, 1979-1994, and now holds an endowed chair at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Our discussion prompted a trick question: Which is the fastest growing segment of American Jewry — • Reform • Conservative • Orthodox • Renewal • Reconstructionist

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Racism without hate

WHAT RACE am I? You may not believe this, but my race is: I Prefer Not To Report. I am an oddball. This is not your typical race. I should know. I went to the doctor and was asked to fill out a medical history form. At the top of the questionnaire it asked for my race. These were the choices: American Indian/Alaskan native Asian Black/African American Hawaiian Native Other Pacific Islander Hispanic/Latino not Hispanic/Latino White And, finally, I Prefer Not to Report. ...

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Mad cyclists, apathetic police

HOW QUAINT. When I was a child, bicycles actually required their own license plates. They were little things, about two-and-a-half inches square. But they were real. They had their own license number and expiration date. One attached the plate right under the seat. All bicycles were pretty much the same back then, a lot less sophisticated than now, and bikes had this little area beneath the seat, perfectly convenient for a license plate. Four of the metal bars out of which the bike was made for...

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Pat Craig is very understated, very unpretentious. The exact opposite of his passion: lions, tigers, bears, wolves. Craig is the perfect example of Mark Twain’s advice never to let your schooling interfere with your education. Craig has educated himself, all right. Not only about the animals.
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Should the US support the nuclear deal negotiated between the P5+1 and Iran?

Shabbat Times

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Facing declining numbers and a bad economy, Italian Jews stay upbeat

Ben Sales High unemployment, a 50 percent intermarriage rate and growing numbers leaving for Israel would seem like worrisome developments, but the leaders of Italian Jewry are confident in the future. ... [Link]

Bernie Sanders closing gap on Hillary Clinton in Iowa, poll shows

Marcy Oster Clinton, who reportedly has lost a third of her Iowa supporters since May, led 37-30 percent over the Jewish Vermont senator in the survey of likely caucusgoers. ... [Link]

U.S. national industrial union endorses BDS of Israel

Marcy Oster The United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers union accused Israel of ethnic cleansing and said it was the first U.S. national union to endorse the boycott movement. ... [Link]

Wasserman Schultz reportedly nixed Dems’ vote on backing Iran deal, praising Obama

Marcy Oster The Jewish chair of the Democratic National Committee has not taken a position on the agreement and her Florida district is heavily Jewish. ... [Link]

Iran hasn’t eased stance on Israel, key adviser to supreme leader says

Marcy Oster The comments were in response to Britain’s foreign secretary saying that Tehran had displayed a more nuanced approach on Israel than its predecessor. ... [Link]

2 million see video of Palestinian women swarming soldier to stop boy’s arrest

Marcy Oster The 11-year-old, who had a broken arm, was accused of throwing rocks at soldiers during a West Bank demonstration. ... [Link]

Man, 20, arrested for knocking over 9-foot U. of Illinois Chabad menorah

Marcy Oster The man was caught on a surveillance camera, said he planned to take the menorah as a gift to a Jewish friend. ... [Link]

3 charged in anti-Semitic vandalism at Jewish summer camp

Marcy Oster The two 18-year-olds and a 20-year-old face up to a year in jail and more than $2,000 in fines if convicted. ... [Link]

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