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May 25th
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Red lights and safety . . . really?

Governor John Hickenlooper all but says that he will veto two bills passed in the state legislature banning or potentially limiting the use of automatic traffic cameras. Speeding is unsafe, the governor says. Studies show that speed is implicated in a high percentage of accidents, he notes.“If you don’t want a speeding ticket, don’t speed!” the governor says.

It sounds like an unassailable argument.

It isn’t.

And not just because it takes the traffic regulations out of the hands of voters in local jurisdictions.

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No, the death of a million people is not a statistic

I AM reading a news story about women captured by, then freed from, Boko Haram. The women tell their stories. The dissonance between the report and the reality screams. One woman: I survived, but my child was lost. Then, the story moves on to the next paragraph. Wait a minute! How can we simply move on to the next paragraph after this statement, my child was lost? How much agony is contained in that statement? Is it to be glossed over — then, the next paragraph — just because hundreds of ...

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An uncomfortable defense

IT IS easy to say, “free speech.” It can be difficult to accept. Yet, accept it we must. The alternative is Stalinist Russia or, in more contemporary terms, Saudi Arabia, with its beheadings, hand-choppings and lashings for the exercise of freedom of speech in the field of religion. Feel free to substitute for Saudi Arabia other Islamist regimes in which it is punishable by death to convert from Islam to another religion. Even under the specter of Stalinist Russia and radical Islam, free s...

Meditation, exercise, creativity, and...

FOUR. Jewish spirituality, set down by the Prophet Isaiah, comes in fours: delight, honor, freedom from planning daily tasks and freedom from speaking about them. Together, these four gifts comprise the serenity of Shabbos. Together, they call attention to four other human strivings, outside of Jewish spirituality. In an electronically engaged world, even its most successful participants seek a respite from its pressures and quandaries. We want in. And we want out. We want into the producti...

The end of the human race

THE END of the human race as we know it might be upon us. I refer not to some very distant, natural evolution of the human species — perhaps possible, perhaps not; in any event, unknowable to us. Rather, I refer to three prospective human interventions in the nature of humanity that, if let to proceed unfettered, will have farreaching consequences, namely, an end of the human race as we know it. These three interventions are a radical tethering of humans to computers, a radical change in gene...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Obama learns his lesson about Jewish toddlers

Ron Kampeas Or maybe Shabbat’s a lot more fun than the seder when you’re 4. ... [Link]

Obama: I have same high expectations of Israel as I do of U.S.

Ron Kampeas President Obama says his criticism of Israel is born of the high regard with which he holds Israel — and the expectation he has that Israel live up to the values it shares with the United States... [Link]

Lady Gaga accepts ADL award on behalf of her Born This Way Foundation

Gabe Friedman Pop star Lady Gaga accepted an award from the Anti-Defamation League on behalf of her nonprofit Born This Way Foundation. ... [Link]

World Bank: Gaza economy on ‘verge of collapse’

Gabe Friedman Gaza’s economy, stifled by the highest unemployment rate in the world, blockades, poor governance and a series of military conflicts, is headed towards a “collapse,” a new report by the World Ba... [Link]

Obama: I criticize Israel because I care about Israel

Ron Kampeas Defending Jews from anti-Semitism is necessarily entwined with criticizing some of Israel’s policies toward the Palestinians, President Barack Obama told a Jewish audience. ... [Link]

Dutch restaurant says it erased Israel from map for culinary reasons

Cnaan Liphshiz The owners of Rotterdam’s Le Souq say they replaced Israel with ‘Palestine’ on a map because of their passion for Palestinian food. ... [Link]

How to build an American shtetl — See: Bloomingburg, N.Y.

Uriel Heilman Shalom Lamm is developing a playbook for setting up an American shtetl. The problem is some of his new neighbors in Bloomingburg claim he used bribery, fraud and corruption of public officials to do s... [Link]

Switzerland defends funding for Israeli leftist group

Cnaan Liphshiz Breaking the Silence is scheduled to bring an exhibition to Zurich with federal, municipal support. ... [Link]

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