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Jul 03rd
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Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Pat Craig is very understated, very unpretentious.

The exact opposite of his passion: lions, tigers, bears, wolves.

Craig is the perfect example of Mark Twain’s advice never to let your schooling interfere with your education.

Craig has educated himself, all right.

Not only about the animals.


Marijuana today, dementia tomorrow

I AM reading the magazine, Vail Health (2015/2016 annual), specifically an article by Kimberly Nicoletti, “The Aging Brain.” She interviews Vail psychologist Henry Goetze, PhD., who lists a number of causes of dementia and a number of ways to prevent or inhibit it. He suggests refraining from alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, especially when young. “Young men and women should refrain from both alcohol and marijuana abuse. Both of these substances negatively effect the developing brain and ...

There was no ‘Woman in Gold’

68 years later . . . 36 years later . . . ISN’T IT amazing how something we all learned back when we were five years old can dress itself up in every manner of violation? I refer to the simple ethical dictum: Don’t steal. And if you did, return it. Simple, no? Not, it seems, for the country of Austria, whose citizens stole thousands of pieces of art from its Jewish citizens, then had the gall to regard them as “national treasures.”...

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Denver builds slums

WHAT IS a “slum”? A century ago it was a high density structure that was built poorly and unsafely. No doubt, many of the high density structures now going up all around Denver are built well and, of course, safety codes have advanced significantly over the last century. Add two more caveats: Some of the residential structures going up around Denver are not high density; in fact, they’re beautiful. I have written about some of them. Then also, some of the new structures, even the ugly or ...

The Holmes trial is insane

DID YOU notice? It took less time to catch, jail, try and convict the Boston Marathon bomber than it took just to start the James Holmes trial — whose mass murder in an Aurora, Colorado theater occurred before the Boston Marathon bombing. Something is wrong here. An abuse of judicial process. It is one thing to afford a fair trial, it is quite something else to delay and obstruct a trial with every imaginable — and legally pointless — maneuver.
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Israel OKs larger Egyptian force to fight jihadis

Uriel Heilman Israel has given Egypt the green light to use advanced military force against Islamic militants in the Sinai and has closed a southern Israeli highway as a precaution. ... [Link]

Spoilers alert: Six guys to watch the day after an Iran deal

Ron Kampeas These six people could determine the success of a nuclear deal with Iran. ... [Link]

When Nicholas Winton, the British rescuer of Jews, was rebuffed by the U.S.

Uriel Heilman The story of Nicholas Winton, who saved more than 600 children on the eve of the Holocaust, also lays bare stark contrasts between the British and American responses to the Nazi onslaught. ... [Link]

What shocked a European Jew on his first trip to America

Cnaan Liphshiz JTA reporter Cnaan Liphshiz had visited Jewish communities in 40 countries around the world. When he landed in New York, he was in shock. ... [Link]

Op-Ed: How should Orthodox leaders respond to the gay marriage ruling?

Uriel Heilman A son imagines how his father, longtime RCA leader Rabbi Steven Dworken, would have reacted to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling. ... [Link]

Palestinians march on anniversary of Abu Khdeir lynching

Marcy Oster The Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and burned alive by Jews following the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens last summer. ... [Link]

Polish art museum features naked tag game in gas chamber

Uriel Heilman A Polish art museum has resumed an art installation featuring a video of naked men and women playing tag in a gas chamber. ... [Link]

Iron Dome upgraded, details not forthcoming

Marcy Oster The upgrade will “expand and improve the performance capabilities of the system in the face of an unprecedented range of threats,” the Defense Ministry said. ... [Link]

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