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Nov 26th
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“WHEN YOU’RE done, feel free to come to my house.”

If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it 100 times. It’s the comment most often tossed at me when I’m housepainting.

Housepainting? Yes, I like to paint the walls in the house. Sometimes the fence or the window grates, too.

I don’t know why, but I like to paint. It’s been this way for decades.

When I told one of my kids the other day that I’ve been painting a bit in the office, she said, “Sure, I remember you painting the house every year before Passover.”


You don’t have to cook to love Jewish cookbooks

You don’t have to cook to love Jewish cookbooks My cooking repertoire is extremely limited: cholent, charoset and scrambled eggs (I can also do cereal and milk). But I love Jewish cookbooks. I love being the librarian of the East Denver Orthodox Synagogue. We have bulging shelves on Jewish medical ethics, Jewish holidays, Bible commentaries, Talmud, Jewish law, biographies, midrash, history, a children’s section — so why not Jewish cookbooks?

To receive is to give

BAD: SOMEBODY gives me a gift. Worse. Somebody does me a favor. Much worse. Somebody does some serious intervention, providing me with needed medical advice or emotional or financial support. Equally terrible: Somebody gives me a compliment. He says that to everybody.

Where do I go to make a contribution?

I gotta hand it to UNESCO. It has declared — finally! — that the Tomb of Rachel is an Islamic holy site, “an integral part of Palestine.” In clarifying this matter once and for all, UNESCO really straightened out a lot of things for me. Now I know: St. John’s Cathedral is a synagogue. Colorado Christian University is a yeshiva. Jewish Theological Seminary trains Catholic priests.

From Hilltop to Hilltop

LET’S SEE. This makes sense. I’m going to live in Israel. Therefore, I will go to Rwanda. Israel has a lot of hills. Rwanda has a lot of hills. In fact, it’s called the “land of a thousand [green] hills.” Perfect preparation for Israel. Not only that. Rwandan villages need help with public health. If I can improve public health in a Rwandan village, I can make sure it happen in Israel, too.
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