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Jul 28th
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View from Central Park

Too late

Political discussion can be so frustrating. Especially recently, it seems the conversation has become even more binary than usual.

If the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage was not supported, hate is attributed to the opponents.

If there was disagreement on ObamaCare, it must be due to indifference to the very real pain and plight of poverty.

If the reaction to Ferguson did not echo the public’s outcry, it must be racist.

And now, rejection of the Iran deal. That’s simple, it must be warmongering.


Peace in our time

Last Tuesday, we woke up to a different world. We woke up to the moment when history will most likely point an accusing finger at this date, the moment that will be pinpointed as the dangerous shift in modern nuclear warfare. This deal with Iran? It’s a great deal . . . for Iran. Not for the rest of the world. Certainly not for Israel or Sunni Muslims in the Middle East.

Even in concealment

AN ANGEL walked among us. Now he is no more. Malachi — My Angel — Rosenfeld, riding in a car with his buddies Monday night, on the way home from a basketball meet, was shot at by a Palestinian terrorist. All four guys were shot; one of the wounds, Malachi’s, was critical. “Matsav anush,” the news said. When you hear these words, you know it means the person is already oscillating between this world and the next. Malachi succumbed to his wounds, and an angel who walked amongst us was c...

Last Updated ( Thursday, 02 July 2015 13:36 )


UN foments the next conflict

Even in memory, in my mind, the tension is still palpable. Last summer I had planned a trip to Vail. As it turned out, the dates coincided with the rising tensions in Israel, with rockets raining down on Southern Israel, seemingly increasing by the hour. By the time I was driving up, the painful question on all of our minds was: Will Israel be forced to undertake a ground invasion? Would Hamas accept the ceasefire proposal on the table, or would Israel need to take action to defend herself? Thi...

Mark of Cain

My first reaction to the latest controversial Meretz-sponsored bill in the Israeli parliament was, mark of Cain. The original meaning of the phrase in Genesis is a sign of safety and protection for Cain, a warning to others that killing will him provoke the vengeance of G-d, that if Cain is harmed it will only boomerang sevenfold. Over time, and throughout Christian history, due to prevalent anti-Semitism, the phrase was interpreted negatively and in today’s parlance has come to mean a mark o...

Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 June 2015 08:19 )

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