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Jul 05th
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View from Central Park

Even in concealment

AN ANGEL walked among us. Now he is no more. Malachi — My Angel — Rosenfeld, riding in a car with his buddies Monday night, on the way home from a basketball meet, was shot at by a Palestinian terrorist.

All four guys were shot; one of the wounds, Malachi’s, was critical. “Matsav anush,” the news said. When you hear these words, you know it means the person is already oscillating between this world and the next. Malachi succumbed to his wounds, and an angel who walked amongst us was cruelly ripped from this world.

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UN foments the next conflict

Even in memory, in my mind, the tension is still palpable. Last summer I had planned a trip to Vail. As it turned out, the dates coincided with the rising tensions in Israel, with rockets raining down on Southern Israel, seemingly increasing by the hour. By the time I was driving up, the painful question on all of our minds was: Will Israel be forced to undertake a ground invasion? Would Hamas accept the ceasefire proposal on the table, or would Israel need to take action to defend herself? Thi...

Mark of Cain

My first reaction to the latest controversial Meretz-sponsored bill in the Israeli parliament was, mark of Cain. The original meaning of the phrase in Genesis is a sign of safety and protection for Cain, a warning to others that killing will him provoke the vengeance of G-d, that if Cain is harmed it will only boomerang sevenfold. Over time, and throughout Christian history, due to prevalent anti-Semitism, the phrase was interpreted negatively and in today’s parlance has come to mean a mark o...

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Last week I decided to research the Torah’s approach to coping with death, loss and bereavement. I spent time studying many different Biblical sources, as well as Talmudic ones, narratives replete with the personification of the Angel of Death as well as the rabbis’ perspective on consolation. I re-read many narratives that I have studied previously, but this time through the prism of loss and mourning. Just to name a few examples: Cain and Abel. And Eve, a bereaved mother’s response: th...

Signs of summer

In most cities in the world, you know it is spring or on the way to summertime when the sunshine spills over and you see bicycle riders, en masse, filling the streets. The thing is, in Denver, you’ve got sunshine spilling over during all four seasons. So other signs become the markers of spring and summer. Lately though, Denver feels more like rainy Seattle. Lest you misunderstand, I absolutely adore thunderstorms. As far as I am concerned, bring them on. Denver always has. Come late aftern...
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Near site of landmark march, Philadelphia museum celebrates Jewish role in promoting gay rights

Ben Harris The National Museum of American Jewish History has mounted an exhibition focusing on three Jews instrumental in the American gay rights movement. ... [Link]

Kerry: Iran talks ‘could go either way’

Marcy Oster Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, campaigning in New Hampshire, warns that even with a deal, “Iran’s aggressiveness will not end.” ... [Link]

‘A Borrowed Identity’ depicts divided hearts in a land divided

Lisa Keys Based on the autobiographical novel of the noted writer Sayed Kashua, the film explores an Arab-Israeli relationship of a very personal kind. ... [Link]

Dome of the Rock tops CNN list of structures on verge of extinction

Marcy Oster Preservation plans have been derailed due to hardened relations between Israel and UNESCO, according to CNN. ... [Link]

Arson seen as cause of Jerusalem forest fires

Marcy Oster Firebombs hurled from a nearby Palestinian village are believed to have started the blazes, which have destroyed nearly 250 acres of trees. ... [Link]

ISIS affiliate says it fired 3 rockets at Israel

Marcy Oster Sinai Province said it fired the long-range Grad missiles, which were found in open areas, at “occupied Palestine.” ... [Link]

U.N. Human Rights Council adopts report on Israel-Gaza conflict

Marcy Oster The resolution drafted by the Arab states ignores the report’s criticism of the Palestinians and does not mention rockets launched by Hamas from Gaza on Israel. ... [Link]

London neo-Nazi rally overshadowed by counterdemonstration

Marcy Oster About 25 neo-Nazis demonstrated against “Jewish privilege” in a rally that was ordered moved by police from the heavily Jewish-populated Golders Green neighborhood. ... [Link]

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