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May 02nd
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View from Central Park

Israelis forge ahead unafraid

As I click on a video from StandWithUs of a pro-Israel rally in London, I find myself inspired. Lining the road are what seem to be hundreds of people, flanked by tall blue and white Israeli flags over the crowds, waving gently in the air. No speeches. No shouts. Just singing. Peaceful and strong singing.

Kol ha-olam kulo gesher tzar me’od . . .

This world is a very narrow span,

Cross it; if you’re unafraid you can.”


Personal, it is not. National, it is.

IN CONVERSATION with a friend who is no longer observant, he made the point that he feels seder night is a canned Jewish ritual. For him, it doesn’t hold meaning. There is nothing personal about the stories; seder night is not about a meaningful experience or personal story of redemption a particular family can relate to. Rather, it is a scripted booklet written by the Rabbis, penned long ago. Out of touch. Then, he said, there’s that “kol dichfin” hospitality citation inaugurating the ...

Wanted: gefilte fish recipe

I’m on the hunt for a good, old school and heimish gefilte fish recipe. I know, I know. These days, the kosher culinary world is all about the cutting edge sophisticated kosher interpretations of popular contemporary foods. For me, though, the charm of holiday foods, and especially Pesach foods, is in the sentiment of nostalgic, traditional foods of childhood and Pesachs past. At this point, I should probably let you know that I don’t really like gefilte fish.


It seems I am hearing of this type of Israeli tragedy more and more often. A young, post-IDF hiker died while trekking in Peru. G-d forbid a car accident or a shooting — sadly you think of these instruments as having the potential to kill. But wholesome granola crunching style trekking? You think of outdoor love and nourishing hikes, being in touch with nature and inspiration; not death. Shira Roth’s final words are chilling. They are recorded for posterity in a whatsapp message: “Ima, I ...

Morality at the IDF

To be honest, I’m not sure what side I come down on about Elor Azraya, the IDF soldier who shot and killed a Palestinian stabber last week as he was laying on the ground. My initital gut reactions were anger, fear and sadness at the instant anti-Elor reaction, given that guerilla warfare terror attacks are anything but clear cut. We are talking about a Palestinian stabber who came with the intent to kill, who was seen still moving after he was neutralized. The rabbinic dictum of “haba leho...
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Report: FBI arrests man planning to bomb Florida synagogue

Marcy Oster (JTA) — The FBI arrested a man who allegedly was planning to throw a bomb into a North Miami Beach synagogue. The aborted attack on the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center in Miami had been set to ... [Link]

Anti-Semitic incidents drop in the Netherlands

Cnaan Liphshiz AMSTERDAM (JTA) — A watchdog on anti-Semitism in the Netherlands recorded 126 incidents it considers anti-Semitic in 2015 — a 26-percent decrease from the previous year. Of the incidents r... [Link]

University of Chile Law Faculty Student Union approves academic boycott of Israel

Marcy Oster (JTA) — The University of Chile’s Law Faculty Student Union voted to approve a boycott, divestment and sanctions resolution against Israel. The resolution approved a week ago prohibits an... [Link]

Former Auschwitz guard apologizes to victims in court

Marcy Oster (JTA) — A 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard currently on trial in Germany apologized to his victims in court. Reinhold Hanning, a former Nazi SS officer on trial for being an accessory to the m... [Link]

Clemency requests for Katsav come amid reports of mental health deterioration

Marcy Oster JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two clemency requests reportedly will be submitted to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin asking that he consider releasing former President Moshe Katsav, following a severe deteri... [Link]

Hungarian police hold 2 in death of Israeli tourist

Marcy Oster BUDAPEST (JTA) – Hungarian police have detained two people in connection with the death of an Israeli citizen, who went missing in the country several days earlier. Ofir Gross, 40, who traveled... [Link]

Montreal police seize 8,000 bottles of illegally imported kosher wine

Marcy Oster MONTREAL (JTA)—Police seized some 8,000 bottles of kosher wine in what appeared to be a Passover-related bootlegging bust at a Montreal synagogue. Two men were arrested at the Young Israel of Montre... [Link]

Israeli officials deny increased tensions with Germany following news report

Marcy Oster BERLIN (JTA) — Israeli government officials have denied Spiegel Online magazine’s recent report of increased tensions with Germany. Ties between German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the C... [Link]

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