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Nov 27th
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View from Central Park

The apple in the Big Apple

It’s a rite of fall, the apple.

I thought I was already experiencing the perfect fall day after a walk around Central Park’s reservoir.

Encircled with soft-rounded ablaze-in-color trees, framed by Manhattan’s elegant vertical mix of contemporary and pre-WW II buildings, the reservoir shimmered in perfect reflection of a mirror. True to the November timing, the park lamps were already lit. Yet the sun was still demanding that her light not be eclipsed just yet, showering all in great warmth and color. Lines of ducks as still as the water rested in formation. The fountain in the middle of it all, reminiscent of Geneva’s Jet d’Eau, was jutting upward with just the right amount of spray forming a perfect arc. The thick layers of muted colorful autumn woods just beyond the reservoir were alive with laughter as well as the clip clopping noise of a horse.


Burnished glowing fall jewel

New York City is the kind of place that is always up for a good show, and can always brag a little that she has something nice to show off. It doesn’t take anything special for New York to shine. But then, even New York City has her special moments. That time is now, when New York is cloaked in burning fall colors and when tens of thousands of runners from all around the world come and pay her a visit. The fusion of fall and the New York City Marathon have been a magical combination ever sin...

Moderate Muslims

For years, many of us, in the face of Israel’s terrorism problem perpetrated in the name of Islam, have been crying out: Where is the moderate Muslim voice? Time and again, as we would witness one painful attack after another, and the response from the Muslim community was, time and again, silence, I started wondering. I knew there were moderate Muslims, but why were none speaking up? Were they secretly happy that someone else “did the job for them” while their hands could remain clean of...

Stick to the real enemies

Let’s see. Who was the first leader who thought up the idea of genocide of the Jews? Was it Pharaoh in Egypt? Haman in Persia? The Arab leader, the Mufti of Jerusalem? Or was it Hitler? I am thinking about this, amidst preposterous accusations regarding Netanyahu’s recent remarks that his opponents are now claiming label Netanyahu a “Holocaust denier.” (Netanyahu was speaking to the 37th Zionist Congress, Oct. 20, in Jerusalem.)

‘The knife is our choice!’

Last week I concluded my column by weakly writing “Maybe.” I wanted to believe that maybe there was still hope for a positive new year; that maybe the savage surge in terrorism on the streets of Israel that was so devastatingly painful would also be devastatingly brief. Maybe. I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Maybe, I thought to myself. Maybe. Unfortunately, the tension and barbaric attacks on innocent civilians has proven my hopes to be nothing more than fantasy....

Last Updated ( Thursday, 15 October 2015 12:03 )

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