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Aug 29th
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View from Central Park

Christian and Yazidi Children in Iraq

In every generation, there are those storied lives of people, basically seemingly regular, ordinary people, whose sense of moral clarity, compassion and courage to act in historic moments is so crystal clear that they ultimately come to pierce the definition of ordinary. They become truly extraordinary.

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RawtarianWHENEVER I would hear that someone is a rawtarian, I assumed they were limited to eating carrots and celery sticks or other fruits and vegetables. I love the flavors of fruits and vegetables, but all day? And only raw? It’s not as if I ever considered becoming a rawtarian, nor will I be converting to it now. But I now understand what it actually means.

The debate

THESE DAYS, it’s agitating witnessing the “debate” over the Iran deal unfold. The conversation has reached some pretty low points, making the conversation about dual loyalty and Jews, instead of addressing the substance and merits of the agreement itself. Why is this happening? We live in a democracy. In a democracy, dissent or disagreement should not equal disloyalty.

Jews react to terrorism by Jews

ONCE TISHA b’Av departs, we as a people usually sigh a collective sigh of relief. Tu b’Av and Shabbat Nachamu follow, and we feel and experience the sense of a transition from evel, mourning, to nechama, consolation. This is the normative guide of our Jewish rhythm. Last week we were sitting on the floor by candlelight chanting along quietly with the melancholy Scroll of Lamentations, Eicha. Eicha means how? as in incredulous — how could this be? It is also a word that is famously read b...

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Too late

Political discussion can be so frustrating. Especially recently, it seems the conversation has become even more binary than usual. If the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage was not supported, hate is attributed to the opponents. If there was disagreement on ObamaCare, it must be due to indifference to the very real pain and plight of poverty. If the reaction to Ferguson did not echo the public’s outcry, it must be racist. And now, rejection of the Iran deal. That’s simple, i...
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Should the US support the nuclear deal negotiated between the P5+1 and Iran?

Shabbat Times

JTA News

Obama to U.S. Jews: ‘We’re not giving away anything’ to Iran

Andrew Tobin The president said the nuclear agreement blocks Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and does nothing to limit the U.S.’s options against the Islamic Republic. ... [Link]

‘Homeland’ creator to direct film on Israel’s rescue of Ethiopian Jews

Gabe Friedman Israeli Gideon Raff’s latest project will portray the airlift rescues of thousands of Ethiopian Jews in the ’80s. ... [Link]

Yazidi leaders demand ‘Jewish Schindler’ prove he is saving people

Gabe Friedman In a letter published Wednesday, 20 advocates for the Yazidis questioned Steve Maman’s methods and demanded he inform Yazidi leaders about the specific people his group has rescued. ... [Link]

Plunder-filled Nazi train worth millions has likely been found

Julie Wiener The World Jewish Congress urged the Polish government to ensure any goods stolen from Jews be returned to their rightful owners or the owners’ heirs. ... [Link]

Kansas City shooter: ‘I had a patriotic intent to stop genocide’

Julie Wiener The white supremacist charged with killing three people outside two Jewish facilities in Kansas City admitted doing so, but urged the jury to judge him “not guilty.” ... [Link]

Iran nixes Israeli conductor’s Tehran performance

Julie Wiener A spokesman for Iran’s culture ministry was quoted as saying that “Iran does not recognize the Zionist regime and will not co-operate with artists of this regime.” ... [Link]

U.N. watchdog: Iran expanding Parchin facility

Cnaan Liphshiz Tehran dismissed the findings, which come as it prepares to close a deal with world powers. ... [Link]

Switzerland regrets using cartoon of birds defecating on Netanyahu

Julie Wiener The cartoon, in which doves with Iranian and American flags on their chests relieve themselves atop Netanyahu’s head, appears to reference the Iran nuclear deal, which Israel opposes. ... [Link]

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