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Apr 19th
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The day my mother stopped playing G-d

“MY dear friend Helene died last week,” my mother informed me sadly as if consoling us both. “I’ll miss her terribly. She really changed my life and the way I viewed the world.”

I turned and looked into my mother’s face, aged not so much by years as by the losses and disappointments she has endured. She is not prone to “waxing philosophical” so her statement intrigued me.

“What do you mean, mom?” I asked, quietly taking her hand.

“Do you remember when you told me that you and Ray were planning to get married?”


My grandmother’s candlesticks

I ENTERED the classroom of 32 seventh graders at the worst time imaginable — seventh period on a Friday afternoon, the weekend before winter break. I knew the deck was stacked against me. I had been warned by the very enthusiastic teacher who asked me to read my short story as part of her unit on ethnic literature, that this class was a “rowdy” group. I came prepared with two grocery bags, one filled with boxes of donuts and soda and the other with my copy of Chicken Soup for the Jewish S...

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To be Jewish is to protest

“THAT’S not fair! She got more than I did! You love him more than me!” How many times have you heard those words from a small child? How many times have you thought them yourself — even as an adult? We are born with the innate need to alter the things we experience as unjust. A toddler who needs attention drives his parents crazy, whining and needling, just to be heard. A teenager who feels unjustly assessed by parents or teachers will often act out in ways that assert her frustration w...

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Lesson from a rattlesnake

A few years ago I was climbing up a jagged canyon wall when I heard a noise akin to the sound of a tambourine. I looked up and saw it — a rattlesnake sat curled on the ledge about three inches from my right hand. We both froze and stared at each other for what seemed like hours. I was too afraid to move, too fearful to call out, so I just waited and prayed until he finally slithered away into a crevice in the mountain wall. In hindsight, I think that rattler was actually a very decent fellow...

A family’s journey against cancer

WHEN my husband, Ray, was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, it came as a total shock. We were still basking in the glow of our trip to northern Italy; images of the lush Piedmont countryside and Lake Como still fresh in our minds. Ray’s voice had gotten hoarse during our travels but we were too busy exploring Florence to give it much thought. When we returned, he saw the doctor who ordered the X-ray that changed our lives forever. Within less than two weeks, we went from from drinkin...
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Gap in peace talks wide, Palestinian official says

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Israeli mosque entrance torched in suspected price tag attack

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Report: Lebanese man admits to targeting Israelis in Thailand

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