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May 30th
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Flying high and judging fairly

I TRAVEL by air quite a bit and to be honest, it isn’t fun. Besides the stress of getting to the airport in sufficient time to remove half the clothing I put on just hours before, I generally arrive at my destination half- starved and sleep deprived.

But the real angst I feel when I travel is the heightened sense of scrutiny and mistrust I carry with me from terminal to terminal. I am cautioned by recorded messages to be wary about unattended bags as I walk shoeless through space age metal detectors.


Me, Passover and Bobby McGee

The year was 1968: the Vietnam War was raging, psychedelic music and drugs were “in,” Marin Luther King was assassinated a week before President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and the Beatles released the White Album to mixed reviews. I was about to enter ninth grade. Amidst the free love and political turmoil, I somehow finagled my mother into driving over two hours to Atlantic City to take me and my best friend to my very first rock concert.

Living with, and without, Aunt Gen

I ARRIVED in Tucson on July 3, 1976, with nothing but a backpack, post-college dreams and a lot of sand in my shoes. The three months it took me to hitchhike from Oberlin, Ohio, to Tucson, Arizona, really took a beating on my hiking boots and the slim savings I had. My plan was simple: to live with my Aunt Gen for a while until I figured out what I wanted to do with “the rest of my life.” Gen, who was really my dad’s first cousin, was 58, newly widowed and filled with dread about living a...

Rosh Chodesh: More than just a 'girl' thing

On a warm August evening in 1997, I attended my first Rosh Chodesh group in Jerusalem to celebrate the cycle of the new moon. I entered the candlelit apartment, filled with women I had never met, and immediately felt at home. The aroma of eggplant frying in olive oil, garlic and lemon beckoned me to peek into the tiny cubicle of a kitchen where three women worked shoulder-to-shoulder preparing food. Stuffed grape leaves, hummus and bowls of dried fruit and nuts lined the counter top. My stomac...

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Finding our Jewish roots through nature

ON A hot August day in 1959, I sat cramped in the back seat of our Thunderbird between suitcases, pillows and my annoying 13-year-old brother for what seemed like the longest trip of my life. Amid melting crayons, half-eaten sandwiches and bouts of car-sickness, I whined for most of the eight hours it took to get to our destination. But the moment we drove up to our little cabin, nestled among pine trees and within walking distance of Cape Cod Bay, my attitude changed. For the next two weeks, I...
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Shabbat Times

JTA News

Netanyahu, Liberman partially endorse Arab peace initiative

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his acceptance of some elements of the so-called Arab Peace initiative as a basis for talks on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian confli... [Link]

Israeli soldier, 19, wounded in Tel Aviv attack seen as terrorism

mbrodsky (JTA) — An Israeli soldier was lightly wounded Monday in a Tel Aviv stabbing — reportedly with a screwdriver — in what police are investigating as a terrorist attack. The alleged ass... [Link]

Vandalism at 3 New England synagogues aims to intimidate community, ADL regional leader says

mbrodsky BOSTON (JTA) — Recent vandalism targeting three New England synagogues is aimed at intimidating the Jewish community, the director of the New England office of the Anti-Defamation League said. R... [Link]

75th anniversary of Baghdad pogrom to be commemorated in 4 cities

Ron Kampeas WASHINGTON (JTA) — The author of a work on the Nazi-era massacre in Baghdad believed to have precipitated the Jewish exodus from Iraq is commemorating its 75th anniversary with candle lightings ... [Link]

Historic Jewish wedding in Turkey triggers hate speech online

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — A historic wedding in Turkey triggered a deluge of anti-Semitic speech online, a leader of the country’s Jewish community said. Ishak Ibrahimzadeh, president of the Jewish Community... [Link]

Ohio Israeli eatery to close following February machete attack

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — An Israeli restaurant owner from Ohio whose eatery was targeted by a knife-wielding assailant said the incident has caused him losses requiring him to declare bankruptcy. Hany Baransi, t... [Link]

Holocaust monuments vandalized in Poland, Italy

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Newly erected Holocaust monuments in Poland and Italy were vandalized. In Poland, a monument in Raigrod, 130 miles northeast of Warsaw, was hit last week for the second time since its un... [Link]

Bernie Sanders: Israel has a right to US protection

Cnaan Liphshiz (JTA) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Israel has a right to be protected by the United States. Sanders, who has spoken out in favor of Palestinian interests as well as I... [Link]

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