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Apr 17th
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From Google to Jerusalem, chasidic corporate adviser sought after

From Google to Jerusalem, chasidic corporate adviser sought after


Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg doesn’t claim to be a miracle-worker. He does not dispense blessings or amulets.

The 34-year-old business strategist, marketing consultant, financial columnist and motivational speaker — and very visible chasidic Jew — does, however, see a divine hand guiding his success. His Jerusalem- and New York-based consultancy is named It’s All From Above.

“I can trace anything I’ve accomplished to other things I’ve done that weren’t moneymakers, and it all leads back to shamayim [heaven],” he says.

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Can magnates help make peace?

Can magnates help make peace?TEL AVIV — Two years ago, Israeli supermarket mogul Rami Levy invited Palestinian gas and oil magnate Munib al-Masri to one of his grocery stores. A working-class boy who had become the West Bank’s wealthiest man, al-Masri already had turned his attention to a new challenge: encouraging a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the partnership was not to be. Levy, the owner of the supermarket chain Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing, has three stores in Israeli West Bank set...

New RCF trustee, committee members

New RCF trustee, committee membersRose Community Foundation’s board announces the appointment of one new trustee and five new committee members: Steven A. Cohen, Morris Price, Jr., Judy Koff, Michael Touff, Lilly Marks and Jennifer Dinn Korman. These community volunteers provide guidance and expertise to support the foundation’s mission, programs and policies. All of the appointments were effective Jan. 1, 2014. Steven A. Cohen was elected to serve a five-year term on the board.

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Shimon and 9,000 of his closest friends

Shimon and 9,000 of his closest friendsIsraeli President Shimon Peres and 9,000 students recently broke the Guinness world record for the largest online civics class. The class connected Amal High School students across Israel via Cisco Systems Telepresence technology. “I’m proud of the students who broke this record,” said Peres. “It was a privilege to be their teacher.”

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West Side ‘Sloans’ to replace St. Anthony’s

West Side ‘Sloans’ to replace St. Anthony’sMove over Lowry. Move over Stapleton. Well, not exactly. Not on that scale, anyway. But the West Side of Denver is getting its own reconfigured, revisioned, urban landscape — a $300 million redevelopment adjacent to Sloan’s Lake. This was revealed at a public meeting Wednesday evening, Jan. 22, at 1400 Quitman St. (the old Yeshiva Toras Chaim).

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By famed waterfalls, brainstorming a future for Latin America’s smaller Jewish communities

Daniel Treiman A recent conference focused on how to revitalize Latin American Jewish communities that have been losing members to bigger cities. ... [Link]

U.S., Israel teaming to push Israel into visa waiver program

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After his hunger strike, Alan Gross’ backers ramp up calls for U.S. action

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Andrew Garfield says Spiderman is Jewish

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Interfaith memorial at JCC remembers K.C. victims

mbrodsky Hundreds gathered at a suburban Kansas City JCC for an interfaith memorial service for the victims of shootings there and at a nearby Jewish retirement home. ... [Link]

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