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Jul 29th

There’s a new shul in town: Boulder Orthodox

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Jonathan M. Steinberg


If you are a follower of the Orthodox branch of Judaism, there’s a new shul in town. The Boulder Orthodox Synagogue opened in early March and has been holding minyanim every Shabbat and holiday.

The congregation’s representative, Jonathan M. Steinberg, whose title is listed simply as “officer,” said they don’t have a permanent location yet, and most likely won’t have one for a while.

In the meantime, they have been holding Shabbat services at the Unitarian Universalist Church and will hold Passover services at Congregation Har HaShem.

He recommends that people check the location box on the website ( for anything they wish to attend, as they will be “somewhat nomadic” for the foreseeable future.

They don’t have a rabbi yet either, and finding one is not at the top of their priority list.

Steinberg said the thrust of the organization is more “programmatic,” and that they are very interested in community service.

They have a rabbinical advisory board and have received valuable guidance from Rabbi Yisroel Wilhelm, the rabbinic leader of Chabad at CU, for which they are grateful.

According to Steinberg, the BOS was created by melding together some of the lay leadership of the now defunct Aish Kodesh and the leadership of the community service organization Chevra.

Their website identifies BOS as, “a new kehilla” (community) and an “open modern orthodox synagogue . . . with families at its heart,” yet “welcoming all from our very diverse community: young, old, single, married.”

They have already begun adult education classes, and plan to have weekly classes for children beginning in the fall.

BOS plans to create a great many community social and service projects, many of which will they hope will be created and run in conjunction with Boulder’s other Jewish organizations.

Information: Jonathan Steinberg, 720-469-0469, or

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